Whalewatching near Hillarys
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Whalewatching near Hillarys

If whales fascinate you, then you may want to consider whale watching Hillarys as one of your options in planning your next holiday vacation. This will definitely give you the opportunity to get a glimpse of different species of whales playing right in front of your very eyes – which you may be proud to tell to your friends and family when you go back home.

Hillarys is Perth’s coastal suburb. Perth is Western Australia’s capital city. It has a large marina development, the Hillarys Boat Harbour. Here, one can find a lot of eating spots, shops and the popular AQWA (previously called Underwater World).

During key breeding months, a ferry terminal here is very busy with numerous whale watching cruises offered. The main ferry which is operating in this terminal is the MV SeaFlyte or Hillarys Fast Ferries.

Whale Watching Season in Hillarys
From the months of May through November, whales from the Antarctic travel up north to Australia. It has been noted that about 11, 000 humpback whales compose the population migrating onto the more temperate waters of Australia. Here, they will give birth and after the month of November, they will start migrating to south again to spend their Antarctic summer feeding. This is in preparation for their migration up north the following year.

These humpback whales’ route is close to the shoreline. Thus, one can able to witness these humpbacks at close proximity.
You will also get the chance to see other whale species like the False Killer Whales, Southern Right Whale, Minke Whale and a lot more, which will make your vacation perfect and enjoyable.

Planning Your Whale Watching Tours

When you are planning for your whale watching Hillarys tour, you need to note that, you have the option to purchase a tour package over the internet.

Since whale watching attracts a lot of tourists every year, many people have already listed their businesses on the internet selling different tour packages to give the people who want to make a visit in Australia mainly to watch whales a chance to select their own tour packages from the comfort of their homes.

Now, when buying these tour packages, be sure to compare the prices and the itinerary of activities included in the packages. You also need to closely look at the details, i.e. if there are extra costs that you need to pay. A very good tour package includes hotel accommodation with free city tour and whale watching tour. It would also be a bonus if the transportation from your hotel to the coast and back is included in the package.

Again, when you want to have a fun vacation, then you may want to consider a trip to the beautiful island continent of Australia so to have a chance to experience the excitement that whale watching Hillarys could give. Aside from the great chance to have a close encounter with the whales, you will also enjoy a lot of fine attractions and places in Hillarys.


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